Home Care & Laundry Light to Semi-Viscous Product Fillers

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Pacific Packaging Machinery offers rotary fillers specifically designed and optimized for light to semi-viscous home care products including all-purpose cleaners, window cleaners, floor cleaners, detergents, and fabric softeners.

Our light to semi-viscous product fillers are based on a proven and dependable time + pressure filling process featuring servo powered positive displacement pumps and rotating orifice plates that deliver fill accuracies of + / - 0.5% and speeds up to 500 cpm.

Pacific's time + pressure orifice plate filling technology is unique in the industry and it offers superior performance, higher fill accuracy, and lower maintenance costs than piston filling systems. It is also a more economical option when compared to flow meter fillers.

This technology along with surface hardening of key filling system components have established Pacific as the filling industry leader for abrasive products such as kitchen and bath cleansers.

Pacific light to semi-viscous rotary volumetric fillers are offered in filler only, monobloc filler-capper, and tri-bloc rinse-fill-cap configurations. They are designed and built for demanding production environments and stainless steel construction is standard.

Pacific's filling systems are designed and manufactured in Corona, CA.