Rotary Filling Machines for Liquid Products

ProMach offers the widest range of liquid and viscous product filling technologies in the industry. Pacific Packaging is known for its high-performance rotary filling systems, as well as its value-priced and versatile inline filling systems.

Pacific's rotary filling capabilities accommodate a wide range of liquids and highly viscous products such as mayonnaise, peanut butter, grease, and spackling compound. Our fillers are offered as filler-only standalone models or as part of high-performance monobloc filler cappers or tri-bloc rinser-filler-cappers.

Pacific rotary filling technologies include:

  • Volumetric Timed Orifice, also frequently referred to as Time-Pressure
  • Mass Flow Meters, also frequently referred to as Coriolis flow meters
  • Magnetic Flow Meters, also frequently referred to as Mag flow meters
  • Explosion proof and corrosive product models are also offered.

Pacific's rotary volumetric time + pressure orifice plate filling technology is unique in the industry.

Pacific rotary flow meter fillers are available with mag or mass flow meters.