Rotary Flow Meter Fillers

Pacific rotary flow meter fillers are available with electromagnetic flow meters, commonly referred to as mag flow meters or Coriolis mass flow meters, commonly referred to as mass flow meters.

Electromagnetic flow meters are ideal for conductive products that do not contain oil.

Coriolis mass flow meters are ideal for non-conductive products and high-value products that require precise fill accuracy.

These technologies, along with surface hardening of key filling system components, have established Pacific as an industry leader for high-speed production environments where filling accuracy and reliable performance are a priority.

Rotary flow meter fillers for personal care products can be configured with bottom-up fill nozzles to accommodate foamy or semi-viscous products, below the neck fill nozzles, or top fill nozzles.

We also offer optional dual-position positive shut-off valves that provide variable flow control for slow/fast/slow or fast/slow filling.

Pacific applications experts and engineers work closely with customers to configure every filler to meet or exceed both product and production requirements.

Pacific rotary flow meter fillers are offered in filler only, monobloc filler-capper, and tri-bloc rinse-fill-cap configurations. They are designed and built for hygienic product environments and stainless steel construction with NEMA 4X electrical enclosures are standard.

Specialized models including explosion-proof designs are also offered.

For more information about Pacific rotary flow meter filling technologies and applications click on the relevant link below.

A full range of rotary flow meter fillers designed and optimized for non-carbonated beverages and light to semi-viscous foods.

Magnetic and mass flow meter fillers designed and optimized for personal care products including shampoos, body washes, hand soaps, and lotions.

Flow meter fillers for automotive lubricants, fuel treatments, household cleaners and laundry products.