Monobloc Filler-Cappers

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Pacific Packaging offers high-performance monobloc fill-cap systems that feature Pacific’s full range of rotary filling technologies integrated with Zalkin cap handling and cap application systems.

Pacific engineers and application specialists work closely with customers to design and configure monobloc systems that are tailored to the customer’s requirements and constraints.

Pacific’s rotary filling technologies include:

  • Volumetric Timed Orifice (also referred to as Volumetric Time-Pressure) for semi-viscous and viscous products, as well as products requiring two-phase filling.
  • Mass Flow Meters (also referred to as Coriolis Flow Meters) for non-conductive light to semi-viscous products.
  • Mag Flow Meters (also referred to as Magnetic Flow Meters) for conductive, light to semi-viscous products.
  • Overflow (Gravity, Pressure, or Combined) for free-flowing liquids.

Zalkin rotary bloc capping systems are available for the following applications:

  • Screw-on closures for plastic screw caps.
  • Roll-on closures for aluminum ROPP caps.
  • Push-in closures for T-corks, stoppers, and plugs.
  • Snap-on closures for snap-caps.
  • Screw-on + roll-on for aluminum TOPP caps.
  • Insert + close for pumps and triggers.

The wide range of Pacific filling technologies combined with Zalkin’s comprehensive family of capping capabilities assures that ProMach can provide a high-performance system for your application.

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