Inline Mass Flow Meter Liquid Filling Equipment

Pacific is known for its dependable, versatile inline mass flow meter liquid fillers, which support a wide range of food and non-food product applications including sauces, condiments, edible oils and beverages, as well as personal care, home care and automotive products.

Pacific Inline Flow Meter Fillers are available with electromagnetic (mag) flow meters or Coriolis mass flow meters. Mag flow meters are ideal for conductive products that do not contain oil, while mass flow meters are ideal for non-conductive products.

Pacific inline mass flow meter liquid fillers are capable of filling light to semi-viscous products and they can be configured with up to 12 filling nozzles. We also offer optional dual-position positive shut-off valves that provide variable flow control for slow/fast/slow or fast/slow filling.

If you need to fill a container with any free-flowing or semi-viscous liquid, Pacific inline flow meter fillers can get the job done.

Flow meter and net weight fillers for Jug-in-Box (JIB) applications.

Inline Flow Meter Fillers For Container Sizes Up To 1 Gallon (3.78L).