Rotary Bloc Filling Systems

Pacific Packaging designs and manufactures monobloc filler-cappers and tri-bloc rinser-filler-cappers for the full range of Pacific filling technologies. Pacific monobloc systems feature Zalkin capping systems that offer unmatched performance for a wide range of cap types, styles, and sizes. Pacific engineers and application specialists work closely with customers to design and configure bloc systems that are tailored to the customer’s requirements and constraints.

In addition to rinsing, filling, capping, and labeling capabilities, Pacific bloc systems can include integrated clean-in-place systems. These systems are designed to address the unique requirements of the products being filled on each bloc system. Integrated CIP systems offer multiple automated capabilities that deliver consistent results and reduce cleaning times.

Pacific rotary bloc filling systems are available for:

  • Food
  • Non-food applications
  • Light products
  • Semi-viscous
  • Highly viscous products

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Pacific Packaging offers high-performance rotary monobloc fill-cap systems featuring Pacific filling and Zalkin capping technologies.

Pacific Packaging Machinery offers high-performance tri-bloc rinse-fill-cap systems for a wide range of product applications.