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Pacific Packaging Machinery delivers great filling and capping solutions that tackle the most demanding customer challenges.

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Pacific Packaging Machinery was founded in 1962 by Stephen Ellison in Los Angeles, CA. Our first products were rotary filling systems for semi and highly viscous foods including honey, mayonnaise, margarine, and peanut butter.

In 1963, Pacific’s first production filler was installed in the Sioux Honey plant in Waycross, Georgia. Over the years, Sioux Honey expanded their usage to five Pacific fillers that served as the core of their honey liquid filling operation.

In 1964, Kraft Foods saw the benefits of Pacific Packaging’s volumetric timed orifice viscous filling technology and purchased an 8-station filler for their marshmallow cream plant in Buena Park, CA. The initial installation, which replaced a difficult-to-use piston filler, became a success story within Kraft and soon thereafter they started replacing their existing liquid fillers with Pacific fillers. Today, Kraft has over 100 Pacific fillers in operation in 25 plants across 8 countries.

Our consultative approach to challenging packaging applications and our experience within a wide range of industries gave us multiple opportunities to overcome technical challenges that required true innovation.

We are proud of our history of customer responsive innovation which includes two-phase fillers for salad dressings, swirl and stripe fillers for highly viscous products such as peanut butter and jelly, and bottom-up filling using flow meters.

To accommodate a wide range of products and customer applications we have also developed over 100 filling valves and filling valve configurations including zero-drip valves.

This tradition of customer responsive innovation and the proven performance of our filling systems have translated into a global installed base of over 800 fillers in 36 countries.

Pacific Packaging acquired PackWest, a leader in inline capping systems, in 2010 and their product lines were manufactured and supported from two different facilities.

Pacific and PackWest joined ProMach in the fall of 2016 and are now part of ProMach's Filling Group, along with Federal Manufacturing, Fogg Filler, and Modern Packaging.

In June of 2018, Pacific and PackWest moved from their separate Los Angeles area facilities into a new 81,000 sq. ft. facility in Corona, CA. Our new home includes an expanded machine shop, a dedicated area for Factory Acceptance Testing, and aftermarket parts and customer support services for Pacific filling systems and PackWest inline capping systems.

Pacific Facility Oct 2021
Pacific Packaging Machinery Facility in Corona, CA