Rotary Mass Flow Meter Monobloc Filler-Capper

This Pacific Mass Flow Monobloc Filler-Capper is designed to fill and cap automotive products in three different container formats. We offer toolless and quick changeovers to save you time and money. Pacific uses E&H flow meters and Allen-Bradley controls to guarantee performance and maintain precise fill accuracies. This rotary filler is integrated with a Zalkin capper on the same frame. Pacific Rotary Flow Meter Fillers can be designed to run speeds up to 450 cpm.

The Rotary Mass Flow Meter Monobloc Filler-Capper from Pacific is a highly versatile and efficient solution for filling and capping needs in various industries, demonstrated here for automotive products. This system is designed to handle different container formats efficiently, featuring a design that allows for toolless and quick changeovers, which is a significant time and cost-saving measure.

Pacific's technology in this machine includes the use of Endress+Hauser flow meters and Allen-Bradley controls, which are key to ensuring high accuracy and performance. The integration of a Zalkin capper on the same frame as the rotary filler not only adds to the machine's efficiency but also its compactness, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their production line space.

The machine's capability to run at speeds of up to 450 containers per minute showcases Pacific's commitment to high-speed, high-efficiency production processes. This is part of Pacific's broader range of products, which includes various types of fillers like rotary volumetric and flow meter fillers and inline volumetric and flow meter fillers, all designed to support a wide range of product viscosities and production requirements.

Additionally, Pacific offers a complete range of aftermarket parts, upgrades, and services for all their filling equipment, emphasizing their commitment to long-term customer support and equipment maintenance.