Rotary Liquid Filler and Capper Monobloc - Filling & Capping Beverages

Pacific Packaging Machinery offers high-performance monobloc fill-cap systems that feature Pacific’s full range of rotary filling technologies integrated with Zalkin cap handling and cap application systems.

Pacific’s rotary filling technologies include:

  • Volumetric Timed Orifice (also referred to as Volumetric Time-Pressure) for semi-viscous and viscous products, as well as products requiring two-phase filling.
  • Mass Flow Meters (also referred to as Coriolis Flow Meters) for non-conductive light to semi-viscous products.
  • Mag Flow Meters (also referred to as Magnetic Flow Meters) for conductive, light to semi-viscous products.

Every monobloc is designed and configured by Pacific and Zalkin engineers and application specialists based on each customer’s requirements.

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