Proactive Maintenance Service Programs

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Pacific Packaging Machinery offers customized Proactive Maintenance Service Programs (PMSP) for every Pacific filler regardless of age, model or location.

What is a PMSP?

Proactive Maintenance Service Programs (PMSP) from Pacific provide planned and technically skilled support for Pacific fillers and the personnel that operate and maintain them.

In a Pacific PMSP, highly trained and experienced Field Service Technicians or Engineers make scheduled service visits to audit, maintain, and repair fillers, and to train and coach the people that keep them running. PMSPs are tailored to each and every customer and they are structured to help increase line output and reduce line downtime.

Pacific Proactive Maintenance Service Programs represent the best value in the filling equipment industry. And they are a great investment in your operations and in your Pacific fillers.

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Why Proactive Maintenance Service Programs?

There are three great reasons:

  • PMSPs prolong the useful life of a valuable capital asset. Pacific fillers will last a long, long time if you take care of them and PMSPs are all about properly maintaining your Pacific.
  • Downtime is expensive. Very expensive. And the cost of downtime is far greater than the expense of spare parts and an emergency service call. That is just the tip of the iceberg. The real cost of downtime is lost production. Missed ship dates. Unhappy customers.
  • Timely and thorough maintenance helps ensure consistent filling quality and it helps prevent little problems from turning into bigger problems.

PMSPs support the operating philosophy that keeping a filler running is less expensive than running the filler until it breaks and then fixing it.

They also support the philosophy that a filler is a valuable capital asset, and that there is no better way to extend the useful life of this asset than timely and effective maintenance.

What can be included in PMSP visits?

  • Filler Audits
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Filler troubleshooting and repairs
  • Installation of purchased OEM parts
  • Training for operators and maintenance personnel
  • Hands-on coaching
  • Spare parts inventory reviews and safety stock recommendations
  • And any other type of support a Pacific Field Service Engineer is capable of performing

Three Program Options

Pacific offers three PMSP options designed to fit every budget:

  • OEM Recommended Quarterly
  • Semi-annual
  • Custom

Three Options, All Great Values

Every Pacific PMSP offers the value of increased productivity and the bottom line benefit of value pricing.

What do we mean by value pricing? Every PMSP includes:

  • Additional no-charge floating days
  • Parts discounts
  • Discounted, flat rate travel time
  • Predictable, flat rate expenses