OEM Filler Audits

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Pacific Packaging Machinery offers OEM Filler Audits for all Pacific fillers regardless of their age, condition, model, or location.

Pacific customers and prospective customers require professional and thorough assessments of Pacific fillers for a variety of reasons. Current customers may need to improve the performance of an older filler or they may need to assess the condition of a filler before it is relocated to another facility.

Prospective customers in the market for used Pacific fillers may want to better understand the condition of a filler before making an important purchase decision.

Bottom line, Pacific OEM Filler Audits take the guess work out of trouble-shooting issues with your Pacific filler or assessing the condition of a pre-owned Pacific filler.

Every Pacific OEM Filler Audit is conducted by highly trained and experienced field service engineers using a structured process that inspects and assesses up to 150 machine parts and components that impact speed, filling quality, and machine uptime.

Service highlights include:

  • Audits of production fillers are completed in four (4) to six (6) hours and require approximately one hour of down time.
  • Field audits of fillers in storage are completed in approximately four (4) hours.
  • The results of the audit for each filler evaluated are documented in a Filler Audit Summary.
  • Parts and service quotes can be generated based a Filler Audit Summary.
  • Each filler audit includes an OEM parts discount for all recommended parts ordered within forty-five (45) days of an audit.
  • Labor hours, travel time, and travel expenses are fixed at time of quotation.
  • Fixed travel time and fixed travel expenses make budget management easier.

Need a quote or have a question? E-mail us at Pacific.Support@ProMachbuilt.com.