Container Handling Parts

Pacific offers container handling parts for every Pacific filler ever manufactured. All Pacific container handling parts conform to the original machine designs, drawings and specifications, and Pacific OEM parts are the only way to insure that your Pacific filler runs at top speeds and efficiencies, and within the originally quoted quality standards.

Each and every set of Pacific container handling parts is custom designed and manufactured to meet the precise requirements of each filler and each container and closure combination.

The exact components included in a set a change parts varies by filler model and age, but the common component types include:

  • Infeed timing screw
  • Bottle guides
  • Infeed starwheel
  • Main starwheel
  • Discharge starwheel

All container handling part orders placed with Pacific are supported by our staff of experienced mechanical and application engineers, and they are a critical resource that helps insure that all aftermarket parts perform like, or better than, new.

Each and every set of Pacific change parts is designed by an experienced Pacific change part engineer, and each and every change part order is based on the exact specifications of the Filler that will use the change parts. This process insures that Pacific container handling parts deliver maximum speeds and maximum productivity.

Container handling parts for Pacific fillers supplied by third parties have been reverse engineered, and they rarely conform to a machine's original specifications. Even small variations from original specifications can have a dramatic impact on filler performance, and reduced filler productivity can have a substantial financial impact on a production line. The price savings realized from buying 3rd party parts can be lost in as little as three months, and the ongoing higher costs of lost productivity make 3rd party parts an expensive choice.

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