Restraining Arm Set-up Guidelines

The restraining arm on a Pacific filler serves two purposes: (1) it keeps the stator plate from turning, and (2) it allows adjustment of the start of fill/end of fill.

The “restraining” function holds the stator plate in the proper position. This is important to ensure the rotating plate receives the proper amount of product.

The “adjustment” function provides flexibility to improve fill appearance. The restraining arm can be “advanced” or “retracted” to set the desired start of fill and end of fill location. This adjustment eliminates aeration and stringing.

There are two rules to always follow with the restraining arm:

  • Always loosen the restraining arm when changing the turret height. If the arm is not loosened before the turret height adjustment, the arm will bind up and cause uneven pressure on the stator plate. This will cause premature and uneven wear in the stator and rotor plates.
  • Always make sure the restraining arm is level. If you are does not have a level indicator, purchase and install a device as shown in the photo. Always verify that the restraining arm is set to a level state. This will ensure even wear of the filling turret.