Removing the Filling Turret Top Plate

There are two main reasons for removing the filling turret top plate. The first is to periodically inspect the plates for cleanliness as part of your cleaning or sanitation process. The second is for infrequent reconditioning of the filling turret Teflon top plate.

In the event removal of your top plate is required, it is important to follow the recommended steps in order to eliminate the risk of permanently damaging the filling turret:

  • Turn the machine air OFF — not required for non-air operated machines.
  • Remove the air manifold — not required for non-air operated machines.
  • Loosen the set screw and remove the hub nut.
  • Detach the restraining arm from the filling turret top plate.
  • Attach the hoist chains to the 3 lift pins located on the filling turret top plate.
  • Use the hoist to slowly raise the top plate.
  • Once the top plate is removed, place the plate on a piece of cardboard in order to avoid damage to the Teflon surface.

Important Note: Do not lift off the top plate too fast and try to keep the plate level. If the plate is tilted at an angle, damage to the o-rings and the top plate center bore can occur.

Finally, always remember to think safety first. Taking your time and following the recommend procedure will avoid operator injury in addition to costly damage to the filling system.

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