Recommended Lubrication Points, Types and Frequency

Lubrication of your Pacific filling machine is important to ensure proper filling operation.

Throughout the years we have reduced the number of lubrication points, such that, with today’s latest models, there are less than eight (8) total lubrication points on the machine.

While our newer machines require less lubrication, we have included a complete list to cover the older models.

The recommended lubrication and frequency is shown below:

Lubrication Point / Frequency Recommended Lubrication
Platform Carrier Roller System / Daily Mobil DTE 20 Weight Oil
PIV, Gearboxes/Every 2,000 Hours Mobil Gear 600, 140 Weight Gear Oil
Air Manifold / Daily LPS Food Grade Silicone Spray
Filling Nozzles Plungers / Daily LPS Food Grade Silicone Spray
Central Lubrication Bank / Monthly #2 Food Grade Grease