Recommended Air Manifold Maintenance

Proper air manifold maintenance is very important given the unit plays a major role in producing consistent fill levels.

The unit is designed to last a very long time assuming it is properly maintained. Proper air manifold maintenance will also increase the life of the air hub manifold, which is extremely expensive to replace.

The following procedures should always be followed:

    • Lubricate the air manifold with a light grade oil or a food grade silicone every 8 hours.
    • Torque the air manifold so it can be slightly rotated by hand when the air supply is ON. See the new Clamping Strap feature above for more details.
    • The air manifold position is factory set via the pin mechanism and must be maintained for proper operation. Changing the pin position causes premature or delayed filling nozzle action. This will produce erratic fills.
    • Proper operating air pressure should be between 25 and 45 PSI. The factory default is 30 PSI. If the pressure must be increased beyond 45-50 PSI to achieve crisp valve action, the air manifold may require replacement.
    • Protection of the air manifold is achieved via plastic breakaway fasteners. Always keep a few spare fasteners in the event of an accident.
    • Always keep a spare air manifold on hand. This is a critical part that will leave the machine inoperable in the event of damage or failure.

These preventative maintenance procedures are highly recommended and should always be followed. Doing so will increase the life of the air manifold and maintain your expected filling performance.

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