How to Maintain the Filling Turret Top Plate

The filling turret top plate (also called the stator) and bottom plate (also called the rotor) are critical parts that must be maintained yearly to keep your Pacific running its best.

Our recommended preventative maintenance goes a long way to ensure a long-life for the Teflon, and more importantly, eliminate product waste at the filling turret.

At a minimum, we recommend that you lap the top plate Teflon surface once a year [For companies that operate 3-shifts per day, the process would be required 3 times per year].

While the process is described in detail in your Operator’s Manual, we have summarized the specifics below:

  • Obtain a sheet of 220 Grit Emery Cloth. The size should be several inches larger than the top plate diameter. The thinner the material, the better.
  • Cut a hole the Emery Cloth that is about ¼” larger then the air hub diameter.
  • Carefully clean the bottom plate surface. Make sure there is no water or product on the bottom plate.
  • A final wiping with a clean bare hand is recommended.
  • Clean off the smooth side of the Emery Cloth and place it smooth side down on the bottom plate. The emery side must be facing up.
  • Using the hoist/winch and eye-bolt system, lower the top plate into position.
  • Install the bearing nut and tighten to “finger tight”.
  • Using the eye-bolts, rotate the top plate 2 full rotations while another person holds the Emery Cloth to prevent its movement.
  • Inspect the Emery Cloth, using air to blow off any loose Teflon dust.
  • Repeat Step 8 until you see two full-circle, uniform rings of Teflon dust in the emery.

If the plates have been properly prepared, this process should only take 10 to 15 minutes. The result is that the thin Emery Cloth “transfers” the flatness from the stainless steel bottom plate onto the Teflon. Your plates are now properly arranged for a maximum seal.