Correct Gear for Gearboxes

To help keep your Pacific filling machine running at its best, you need to make sure that the gearboxes (Turret CPM and Pump RPM) are in the correct gear. If you are unsure of which gear setting is appropriate, turn to the “Setup” section of your Operators Manual or call Pacific for advice.

This will ensure that the motor is running at the correct speed to maintain the proper horsepower rating for driving the filling turret and pump. In addition, this will maintain the correct adjustment range for the P.I.V.

Setting the filling turret gearbox in the wrong gear causes the motor to operate at too slow a speed. Over time, the motor will overheat.

Pump P.I.V. Chain Indicator

The machine P.I.V. chain has a life indicator on it which needs to be checked on a monthly basis. You will find the indicator on the edge of the unit. A red indicator will move across a clear plastic window. As the indicator becomes completely “red”, a new chain must be installed.