Calculating Product Supply Pump RPM

Pacific filling machines integrate a positive displacement pump that allows the operator to set the volume of product for each container. In order to set this value, the overall pump speed must be specified. The advantage of this system, is there is only one setting for the operator to specify in order to achieve accurate fill volumes.

To calculate the pump speed in RPM, one must determine the Gallons Per Minute (GPM) required and divide it by the Pump Capacity Rating. The Pump Capacity Rating varies based on the model of your pump.

The calculation is as follows:

GPM = (CPM x Fluid Oz. Per Container)/128

RPM = GPM / Pump Capacity Rating

For example, if you are running 8-oz containers at 200 CPM and are using a Waukesha U-30 pump with a Pump Capacity Rating of 0.060, then your Pump RPM is:

GPM = ( 200 CPM x 8 oz ) / 128 = 12.5 GPM

RPM = ( 12.5 / 0.060 ) = 208 RPM

The operator would then use 208 RPM as the starting point.