Stanford Personal Care Adds Volumetric Filler for High Speed Line (2001)

Oct 18, 2001

COVINA, CA – October 18, 2001 – Pacific Packaging Machinery Inc, the leader in high speed volumetric liquid fillers, today announced that Stanford Personal Care has installed a new 18 station personal care filler for their high speed line in Santa Clarita, CA. The machine is designed to initially fill lotions, creams, gels, shampoos, conditioners and light lotions at speeds up to 270 containers per minute.

As a leading contract and private label manufacturer, Stanford Personal Care packages both an in- house product line and numerous outside product lines for large retailers and personal care companies. A new high-speed line was necessary to meet their growing customer demand. In addition to meeting the capacity requirements, the filling equipment had to be flexible and easy to changeover. Given their business model dictates that they fill a wide variety of product viscosities into a myriad of container sizes and shapes, the filling machine has to be accurate with the light toner products up through the viscous lotions.

Jim McAlpine, Vice President of Manufacturing, adds, “All of our products are tailored to each customer, from formula to packaging. With the number of customers we have and the variety of fills and bottles, it was critical we found a machine that had quick and easy change parts and allowed total flexibility for our varied formulas. For the 19 years I’ve been in this industry, I’ve used a Pacific filler, which is a testimony to its durability and reliability. We’ve already filled one million pieces with our new machine, and we are very pleased with the results.”

Stanford Personal Care selected a custom, 18 station rotary volumetric personal care filler. The machine is equipped with special nozzles to accommodate semi-viscous and viscous products for containers with a 20-mm cap closure or greater. The machine includes a vector variable frequency drive system, PLC controller and color touch screen that offers greater filling accuracy, ease of use and reduced maintenance. Pacific’s Universal Change Parts are incorporated that reduce changeover to less than 10 minutes. They also eliminate storage requirements typically required with traditional change parts.

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