Pacific Wins Home Care Contract with Custom Solutions (2003)

Aug 12, 2010

SAN CLEMENTE, CA – March 18, 2003 – Pacific Packaging Machinery, the leader in high speed volumetric liquid fillers, today announced that Custom Solutions, Inc. has successfully installed a new 12-station personal and home care filler in their Grain Valley, Missouri facility. The machine is designed to fill detergents, shampoos, and lotions at speeds up to 180 containers per minute.

Custom Solutions, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of “value brand products”. In early 2000, they made a business decision to standardize their filling equipment with a single vendor. Doug Glasscock, CEO recalls, “This was an exciting, yet challenging project. The management team understood the benefits of standardizing with a single filling vendor. The difficulty was finding a rotary filling machine capable of accommodating the wide range of personal care products we produce”.

Custom Solutions, Inc. assembled its project team to evaluate the various filling equipment vendors. The project team has over 100 years of packaging experience from companies such as Pepsi, Colgate-Palmolive, Lipton and Liquid Soap Products. Adds Glasscock, “We started with a clean slate and put every brand and style of filler on the table. One year later, Pacific was the clear winner. Our decision was based on (1) their guaranteed accuracy of ± 1/3%, (2) versatility to fill 4 to 128-ounce containers on both foamy and semi-viscous products, (3) ease of use on both cleaning and changeover and (4) quality – the filling machine had to be a workhorse with a company that would stand behind it”.

Custom Solutions, Inc. selected a Pacific 12 station rotary volumetric personal and home care filler. The machine is equipped with special bottom-up fill nozzles to accommodate light and semi-viscous products. The machine includes a servomotor drive system, PLC controller and color touch screen that offers greater filling accuracy, ease of use and reduced maintenance. Pacific’s Universal Change Parts are incorporated that reduce changeover to less than 10 minutes. They also eliminate storage requirements typically required with traditional change parts.

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