Pacific Installs Volumetric Filler at Packaging On Demand, Inc. (2007)

Aug 12, 2010

SAN CLEMENTE, CA – August 6, 2007 – Pacific Packaging Machinery, the leader in rotary volumetric time-flow liquid filling machines, today announced that Packaging On Demand, Inc. has successfully installed a new Pacific 12-Station Time-Flow Filling Machine in their San Clemente, California facility. The machine is designed to fill 1 to 64-ounce personal care products at speeds up to 180 containers per minute.

Packaging On Demand, Inc. needed to increase the filling capacity on their complete line of natural products. In addition, they required an accurate fill on products that ranged from foamy shampoos to viscous creams and conditioners. Miles Kaegi, President, states, “As a contract manufacturer, our equipment must be flexible to accommodate the wide range of products our customers develop, yet be able to produce accurate and quality fills. In a sense, the equipment must be designed to work perfectly for each and every product.”

The Pacific 12-Station Rotary Volumetric Filling Machine is equipped with bottom-up fill nozzles and a variable rate of product flow system. These two features offer high speed filling on fewer stations without aeration or foaming. The machine’s integral positive displacement pump simplifies the cleaning process and provides a typical cleaning time of 15 minutes.

Kaegi adds, “We perform up to four cleanouts and changeovers during every shift. Our Pacific has increased our throughput by allowing us to keep our line running more hours in a shift, while giving us a validated process for guaranteeing our customers a sanitary fill environment for their products.”

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