Ken’s Foods, Inc. Adds Two Rotary Fillers for Pourable Dressing (1999)

Aug 12, 2010

COVINA, CA – August 16, 1999 – Pacific Packaging Machinery Inc, the leader in custom high speed volumetric liquid packaging fillers, today announced that Ken’s Foods, Inc. has reached agreement on a 12 station pourable dressing filler and a 24 station pourable dressing & barbecue sauce filler. These two new rotary volumetric fillers complement the 3 existing Pacific fillers that are currently in operation within their production facility in Marlborough, MA.

As a leading provider of pourable dressing products, Ken’s packaging operation adheres to a stringent set of filling criteria. Ken’s Foods requires not only an extremely reliable and durable filling machine to support a 24 hour a day operation, but also a filler which supports a wide variety of product viscosities; one with capabilities to support both single phase and two phase filler operation. Finally, given Ken’s 24 hour a day operation, filler accuracy is critical in order to meet product cost expectations. Dave Muskopf, Ken’s Foods Vice President of Engineering, states, “Pacific continues to serve as the filler standard for all our production lines. We have had great success with their rotary volumetric technology and 2 phase filling capabilities. The accuracy, durability, and product changeover time of their fillers meet our filler criteria.” Ken’s selected a custom 12 station rotary volumetric filler with automatic shutoff top fill valves that supports 64 and 128 ounce containers up to speeds of 80 containers per minute. The filler incorporates Pacific’s exterior vacuum sniffer, which provides for a dripless operation. Finally, the filler has also been designed to allow for mayonnaise filling in the future. Mike Kolakowski, Ken’s Foods Project Engineer, adds, “Given the requirements of our production environment, we require a custom filler that is tightly integrated with our other line components.

Pacific’s custom approach to fillers provides us with added flexibility in our packaging decisions.” The second filler Pacific will custom design and manufacture is a 24 station rotary volumetric filler with support for 2-phase product filling. The filler will perform at speeds up to 400 containers per minute for 8 to 40 ounce containers. Dripless operation is achieved through Pacific’s automatic shutoff top fill valves and exterior vacuum sniffer technology. Finally, the filler will be arranged to drive the synchronization of the air cleaner and capper.

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