Cosway Adds Another Volumetric Filler (1999)

Aug 12, 2010

COVINA, CA – August 1, 1999 – Pacific Packaging Machinery Inc, the leader in high speed volumetric liquid packaging fillers, today announced that Cosway Company, Inc. has successfully installed a new 18 station volumetric rotary filler. The 18 station filler complements the 3 existing Pacific fillers that are currently in operation within their production facility in Dominguez Hills, CA.

As a leading contract packager of liquid hair and skin care products, Cosway’s filler requirements are rather demanding. Cosway requires not only an extremely reliable and accurate filling machine but also a filler which is flexible given their business model dictates that they fill a wide variety of product viscosities into a myriad of container sizes and shapes. Finally, the filler must be easy to use such that minimal downtime occurs during product changeovers.

Jose Lozano, Cosway Vice President of Plant Operations, states, “We have 3 Pacific fillers in production, the first of which was purchased in 1993. Given we have been extremely pleased with the performance and durability of these 3 fillers, Pacific was the ideal choice for our new production line. With our new line, we needed increased capacity and flexibility for an even greater range of products and containers. With Pacific, we knew they could design and custom build a filler to meet our

Cosway selected a custom 18 station rotary volumetric filler with bottom up filling valves that supports up to 250 containers per minute. The filler incorporates Pacific’s new tool-less universal change part technology, which allows Cosway to use 4 to 16 ounce containers of any size up to a 5” diameter. Automatic open and close bottom fill valve technology provides a dripless filling environment.

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