Apollo Health & Beauty Care- Time Flow Fillers (2004)

Aug 12, 2010

SAN CLEMENTE, CA – September 1, 2004 – Pacific Packaging Machinery, the leader in rotary volumetric liquid filling machines, today announced that Apollo Health & Beauty Care has successfully installed 3 Pacific Time-Flow filling machines in their Ontario, Canada facility.

The three machines range in configuration from 16 to 20 stations. The machines fill 12 to 64 ounce containers of light to semi-viscous personal care products at speeds ranging from 80 to 200 containers per minute.

As a leading provider of private label personal care products, Apollo Health & Beauty Care
sought filling technology that could easily handle a wide range of viscosities without sacrificing
fill accuracy. They also needed to increase the filling capacity of their existing lines.

Richard Wachsberg, a principal at Apollo states, “The implementation and daily function of this
technology has been quite satisfactory. The simplicity in design inherent in Pacific’s machines
engenders confidence that start ups, operation and clean ups can be effected without measurable

Each Pacific filling machine is equipped with bottom-up fill nozzles and a variable rate of
product flow system. These two features offer high speed filling without aeration or foaming, on
fewer filling stations relative to other filling technology. The machine’s integral positive
displacement pump simplifies the cleaning process and provides a typical cleaning time of 15
minutes or less. Bottling Development, Inc. provided the tool-less, quick change container
handling components that reduce changeover to less than 10 minutes.

Wachsberg adds, “Pacific’s filling technology has substantively enhanced Apollo’s capabilities.
Coupled with the personalized attention and professional service support which we enjoy from
Pacific, our investment is yielding the results we sought and has laid the foundation for similar
investments in the near future.”

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