If accuracy and flexibility are important to your liquid manufacturing process, then it is important to select equipment from a company that specializes in designing fillers versus a company specializes in other aerosol manufacturing processes (crimping, gassing, etc) and “just happens” to also supply fillers. Best-in-class equipment provides the maximum return on your investment and increased levels of production.

Many of our installations in this application category are contract manufacturers who run a wide variety of sizes and viscosities.

For aerosol applications with higher production speeds, Pacific’s timed-orifice rotary filling machine provides the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of product viscosity’s and container sizes. The flexibility in Pacific’s rotary liquid filler is a result of our Variable Rate of Product Flow manifold that is standard on our timed-orifice arrangement. As with every Pacific we do not compromise accuracy, which is critical for aerosol products that are typically quite expensive. Many times, the accuracy savings alone over your current filling system will justify the project’s return-on-investment.

If your high speed application does not include a wide viscosity range, and accuracy is the most critical requirement, our flow meter filling machine is a proven solution with excellent performance. Note that while the flow meter based systems are extremely accurate, they cannot be arranged with our Variable Rate of Flow system. Our flow meter based systems, therefore, do not offer the same price performance per station that comes with the timed-orifice solution.

For slower speed requirements, we also provide inline machines that utilize volumetric or flow meter filling technology.

Our patented top fill nozzles with a displacement style automatic shutoff valve or diving nozzle with Laminar flow screen at the point of discharge provides accuracy and good production capacity on non-foamy liquids. Many of our customers also want to fill foamy products, such as windshield washer fluid, diesel additives, etc, on the same filling machine. If this is a requirement or future requirement, we can instead arrange the filling system with our bottom up fill, positive shutoff nozzles. The bottom-up fill nozzle arrangement is slightly more expensive but offers increased production on fewer stations compared to competing fillers.

For applications where zero drip is required, we incorporate a nozzle-based vacuum system into both our top fill and bottom-up fill nozzles.

All of our filling systems are constructed from 304SS. Options include 316 stainless steel filling systems and arrangement for hazardous explosion proof environments. The filling machine easily cleans-in-place and requires minimal maintenance.


Automotive aersol filling equipment side 1

Container Size: 4 oz. to 5 Gallon

Speed Range: 10 – 80 CPM

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Automotive aersol filling equipment side 2

Container Size: 4 oz. to 5 Gallon

Speed Range: 30 – 600 CPM

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Automotive aersol filling equipment side 3

Container Size: 4 oz. to 5 Gallon

Speed Range: 30 – 600 CPM

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Shaving Cream

Sun Screen