Pacific Develops New UltraClean Piston Filler

Sep 22, 2021

CORONA, Calif., September 17, 2021 – Pacific Packaging is set to unveil the first renditions of the new UltraClean Piston Filler at PACK EXPO Las Vegas Sept. 27-29 in Booth #2818. The UltraClean Piston Filler utilizes the Modern Packaging patented submergible volumetric piston to achieve exceptional filling accuracy and fast product changeover via an automated Clean-In-Place procedure. The integrated technology will create the ideal filling system for large particulates when cleanability matters.

The Pacific UltraClean differentiates itself from conventional piston fillers through elimination of seals and a complete self-draining design. In addition, each volumetric piston includes servo-controlled volume adjustment to ensure enduring, long lasting fill accuracy. It is compatible with dressings, sauces, meat pastes and sauces, fruits and vegetables, chunky salsa, soups, pet food, jams and jellies and more applications for cans, glass and plastic.

Features and Benefits of the UltraClean Filling System

  • Automatic clean-in-place system for quick product changeover
  • Self-draining filling system with zero disassembly to minimize downtime
  • Unique piston-valve design to eliminate scatter
  • Individual piston servo volume control for optimal and consistent fill accuracy
  • Wide range of product viscosity and particulate size for ultimate flexibility
  • Cold to hot fill applications with no bottle/no fill capabilities
  • Shutoff filling valves external to the piston and optimized for a drip-less operation
  • Servo controls with recipe driven and reliable operation
  • Submergible piston design with zero seals in piston eliminates disassembly time and risk of damage during COP
  • All food grade contact parts

Estimated Speed Ranges and Configurations

  • Inline Standalone (2 to 10 stations)
    • 40 to 80 CPM on retail sizes
    • 10 to 40 CPM on gallons
  • Rotary Standalone (10 to 48 stations)
    • 120 to 500 CPM on retail sizes
    • 40 to 80 CPM on gallons
  • Rotary Monobloc with Capper
  • Rotary Monobloc with Seamer
  • Servo-Synchronized Standalone Machines

“We are really excited to showcase some of our state-of-the-art filling and capping machines this year, as well as introduce a few new technologies that are in design that we will be offering next year. These new products are being designed exclusively to further automate the capping production process and reduce downtime for cleaning by over 80%,” said Jim Herbert, Vice President and General Manager of Pacific Packaging.

Come visit Pacific Packaging at PACK EXPO Las Vegas Sept. 27-29 in Booth #2818 to learn more about our products and new product development projects. Register to attend for free at with our comp code 42Q12.

About Pacific

With over 3,000 installations in nearly 40 countries, Pacific leads the industry with high-speed rotary and inline liquid filling and capping equipment for manufacturers of aerosol, pourable, and non-pourable viscous and semi-viscous products in the food, pharmaceutical, personal care, home care, and chemical markets. As part of the ProMach Filling & Capping business line, Pacific helps our packaging customers protect and grow the reputation and trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about Pacific at and more about ProMach at

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