Light to Semi-Viscous

… in other words, pourable salad dressings and any other product with similar characteristics.

For this application class with higher production speeds, Pacific’s timed-orifice rotary filling machine has become the industry standard. Versatile and flexible, our salad dressing liquid filling machine is customized to accommodate a wide range of product viscosities and particulate sizes. In addition, the filling system is designed to accurately fill various container sizes, across a range of speeds, with minimal changeover time.

For customers requiring an exact ratio of oil to spice on Italian, Caesar and Vinaigrette, the filling machine can also be arranged for Two-Phase operation. Competing solutions require two independent filling machines — with the Pacific, two-phase applications operate on a single filling machine. This reduces floor space requirements, maintenance, cleanout time & resources, and operator personnel.

If your high speed application does not include particulates and two-phase filling is not a requirement, our mass flow filling machine offers improved levels of cleanability.

For slower speed requirements, we also provide inline and drum filling machines that utilize volumetric, flow meter or net weight filling technology.

Our patented top fill nozzles with displacement style automatic shutoff valves provide accuracy across the full family of products listed below. For applications where zero drip is required, we incorporate a nozzle-based vacuum system. Many of our customers also want to fill viscous products, such as mayonnaise, on this same filling machine. For this requirement, we can arrange the same filling system with our bottom up fill nozzles.

All of our filling systems are constructed from 316SS and other FDA, USDA and Diary 3A approved materials. The filling machine easily cleans-in-place and can be combined with our external cleaning system to provide high levels of repeatable cleanliness.


Automotive aersol filling equipment side 1

Container Size: 2 oz. to 5 Gallon

Speed Range: 10 – 80 CPM

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Automotive aersol filling equipment side 2

Container Size: 1 oz to 5 Gallon

Speed Range: 30 – 600 CPM

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Product Examples

BEVERAGES: Alcoholic, Health Drinks

CONDIMENTS: Mustard, Ketchup

OILS: Olive, Shortening, Vegetable

SALAD DRESSINGS: Blue Cheese, Ranch, Thousand, Honey Mustard, Italian, Caesar, Vinaigrette

SAUCES: Apple, BBQ, Cocktail, Dips, Pancake Batter, Salsa, Steak, Spaghetti, Tomato

SPREADS: Cheese, Sour Cream

SYRUPS: Ice Cream, Pancake, Topping

OTHERS: Honey, Vinegar, Yogurt