Some examples for large chunk products include pickle relish, corn relish, strawberry syrup toppings, pie filling, tomato sauce, etc.

For these type of applications, the timed-orifice liquid rotary filler is specially designed to ensure the large particulates and chunks flow easily throughout the filling system.

We first select the appropriate pumping system to ensure the particulates are not damaged. We then provide a very specific flow divider manifold that ensures that the flow is divided into equal streams and that the particulates do not clog the system. As with all Pacific timed-orifice filling machines, our particle liquid filler is extremely accurate, versatile and flexible to accommodate a wide range of container sizes, across a range of speeds, with minimal clean out and changeover time.

For slower speed requirements, we also provide inline and drum filling machines that utilize volumetric pumps or net weight filling technology.

Our top fill nozzles with ball valves or displacement style automatic shutoff valves provide accuracy across the full family of products listed to the side. For applications where zero drip is required, we incorporate an external vacuum-based sniffer system.

All of our filling systems are constructed from 316SS and other FDA, USDA and Diary 3A approved materials. The filling machine easily cleans-in-place and can be combined with our external cleaning system to provide high levels of repeatable cleanliness.


Automotive aersol filling equipment side 1

Container Size: 6 oz. to 5 Gallon

Speed Range: 10 – 80 CPM

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Automotive aersol filling equipment side 2

Container Size: 6 oz. to 5 Gallon

Speed Range: 30 – 600 CPM

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Product Examples

ICE CREAM TOPPINGS: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Banana

Jams & Jellies

Pie FIlling

RELISHES: Pickle, Corn, Vegetable

SAUCES: Salsa, Spaghetti, Tomato, etc.