Rotary Monoblocs and Triblocs

Pacific Packaging Machinery engineers and manufactures monobloc packaging machinery. Our standard monbloc consists of a Pacific filling system and a Pacific / Pack West capping system. We will also integrate other rotary packaging systems with our rotary filling turret and frame. Examples include: rotary cappers, sealers, pump placers and rinsers.

A single set of PLC controls and drive systems are housed within a single frame. The frame is designed with two turret shafts that are either electronically or mechanically synchronized. A large transfer star provides a smooth handoff between the two packaging systems.

Here are a few typical situations where monobloc packaging technology may be appropriate:

  • Production capacity requirements over 300 containers per minute.
  • Glass containers running at high speeds.
  • Minimal production floor space.
  • Looking to reduce maintenance and line operator costs.
  • Requirement to minimize/eliminate product exposure to atmosphere.