Inline Weight Fillers

Pacific is known in the industry for it’s extremely accurate and value priced inline weight filling systems for large containers.

Our weight fillers are capable of filling containers from 64 oz. (1.89L) to 5 G (18.9L).

Pacific inline weight fillers require no change parts and they accommodate a wide range of products including condensed milk, yogurt, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, bacon fat, peanut butter, automotive products and paint.

Pacific weight fillers use proven and dependable filling valves and high-performance load cells to deliver fill accuracies of + / - .25%. Pacific's weight filling systems are available with 1, 2 or 4 filling heads.

To accommodate a wide range of products our inline weight fillers are available with top fill, bottom-up fill or continuous flow configurations.

Continuous flow models are ideal for shear sensitive products.

For viscous or foamy products an optional bottom-up fill valve configuration with a servo driven linear actuator provides increased throughput. Other less demanding products are accommodated by top fill configurations Pacific inline weight fillers are designed and built for liquid filling environments and stainless steel construction with NEMA 4X electrical enclosures are standard. designed for free-flowing liquid food or non-food products.

This technology along with 60+ years of experience with free flowing, semi-viscous and viscous applications have established Pacific as an industry leader for fill by weight products as well as for products requiring continuous flow filling.

Our inline fillers are offered as filler-only standalone models or they can be supplied with Pack West inline capping systems.

Pacific filling systems are designed and manufactured by ProMach Filling Systems in Corona, CA. Aftermarket parts support for Pacific fillers is provided from the Corona facility and technical support is provided by the Corona, CA facility as well as our Waukesha, WI location.

Contact a Pacific representative for more information about inline filling systems, technologies and applications.