By Application

As part of ProMach Filling Systems Pacific designs, builds and supports rotary, inline and drum liquid filling equipment for a wide range of applications.

Because we support multiple filling technologies, our fillers routinely handle product viscosities ranging from alcohol (less than 1 cps) to mayonnaise, bacon fat, peanut butter, mascara and caulk (over 200,000 cps).

Our fillers are offered as filler-only standalone models or as part of high performance monobloc filler cappers, tri-bloc rinser-filler-cappers or ProBloc label-fill-cap systems.

Pacific filling technologies include:

  • Volumetric Timed Orifice, also frequently referred to as Time-Pressure
  • Mass Flow Meters, also frequently referred to as Coriolis flow meters
  • Magnetic Flow Meters, also frequently referred to as Mag flow meters
  • Overflow (Gravity, Pressure or Combined)
  • Explosion proof and corrosive product models are also offered.

Our filling systems and technologies are used in over forty different market segments including edible oils, salad dressings, nut butters, barbeque sauces, mustards, mayonnaise, ready-to-drink beverages, shampoos, conditioners, hand soap, lotions, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, floor cleaners, window cleaners, detergents, fabric softeners, fuel treatments, and automotive lubricants, just to name a few.

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