Light to Semi-Viscous

Facial cleaners, body sprays, body wash, stringy shampoos, viscous lotions and conditioners, … all examples of the range of products Pacific personal care manufacturers and contract packagers need to schedule on a single filler. Not a simple task for an off-the-shelf filler. With a Pacific custom filler, however, running these and others products on our equipment allow customers to maximize line time, production quality and overall efficiency.

Personal care manufacturers with higher production speeds select Pacific’s timed-orifice rotary filling machine for its proven flexibility to accommodate a wide range of product viscosity’s and container sizes. The flexibility in Pacific’s rotary liquid filler is a result of our Variable Rate of Product Flow manifold that is standard on our timed-orifice arrangement. Most personal care products have very tight profit margins that requires customers to maximize their line efficiency. As with every Pacific we do not comprise accuracy, reliability or quality which is your maximum return-on-investment.

If your high speed application does not include a wide viscosity range and accuracy is the most critical requirement, our flow meter filling machine is a proven solution with excellent performance. Note that while the flow meter based systems are extremely accurate, they cannot be arranged with our Variable Rate of Flow system. Our flow meter based systems, therefore, do not offer the same price performance per station that comes with the timed-orifice solution. They do offer, however, improved accuracy and cleanability

For slower speed requirements, we also provide inline and index filling machines that utilize volumetric, flow meter or net weight filling technology. With our index filling technology we are able to address small volume applications such as eye lash enhancer, eye mascara, eye drops, and nail polish.

Most of our customers want to fill foamy products, such as body sprays and facial cleaners on the same filling machine with the heavy lotions and shampoos. Given this, we always arrange the filling system with our bottom up fill, positive shutoff nozzles. The bottom-up fill nozzle arrangement offers increased production on fewer stations compared to competing fillers.

For applications where zero drip is required, we incorporate a nozzle-based vacuum system into our bottom-up fill nozzles.

All of our filling systems are constructed from 304SS with optional 316SS. The filling machine easily cleans-in-place and requires minimal maintenance.


Automotive aersol filling equipment side 1

Container Size: 4 oz. to 5 Gallon

Speed Range: 10 – 80 CPM

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Automotive aersol filling equipment side 2

Container Size: 4 oz. to 5 Gallon

Speed Range: 30 – 600 CPM

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Product Examples

After Shave




Body Wash

Facial Cleaners



Eye Lash Enhancers

Hair Gels

Sun Screen & Sun Tan Lotions

SPECIAL:Swirls, Dual Products