The most common viscous personal care products include body scrubs, facial creams and hand cleaners.

Where higher production speeds are required, Pacific’s timed-orifice viscous rotary filler is the ideal solution with installations at most of the major contract manufacturers.   The proven design was originated when the company was founded in 1962.   Today it remains our most simple yet accurate filling system.

The  keys to filling viscous products are (1) being able to move the product easily with consistency, (2) being able to maintain a low pressure operation throughout the filling system, and (3) placing the product into the jar without aeration pockets.

Pacific solves these design challenges by integrating a positive displacement pump that operates at constant speed with our rotary timed orifice. The timed-orifice manifold is custom designed to maintain low pressure flows to our bottom-up fill nozzles. The nozzle technology is also custom designed for special flow rates in conjunction with the camming system that guarantees the container is always in the proper position relative to the product flow.

Versatile and flexible, Pacific’s viscous fillers are customized to accommodate a wide range of  filling system is designed to accurately fill various container sizes, across a range of speeds, with minimal changeover time.

For slower speed requirements, we also provide inline fillers that utilize volumetric pump, net weight or flow meter filling technology.

Regardless of the whether an inline or rotary filler is best for your production speeds, we arrange the filling machine with our bottom-up fill open flow nozzles. Our viscous fillers typically do not require a supply tank and the pump can be directly fed from your supply system. Special bypass and load balancing systems are incorporated into each pump to facilitate constant flow.

All of our personal care viscous filling systems are constructed from 304SS materials with optional 316 stainless steel upgrade. The filling machine easily cleans-in-place.